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Liz :)
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LaNorthWay Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! :)
AshleyxBrooke Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Welcome to


Hope you enjoy the group! :dummy:

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dulcecorazon98 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Student Photographer
 Lol it is very neat, and most people get that idea of it being like a western T.V show lol. :) But I do enjoy having to live nearby a western town. but I am happy living away from the crazy city life. :) And Yes, I agree with you a hundred percent on everything you said including the star seeing. I used to live in a apartment and just hated not being able to see the stars or see wildlife due to extreme lighting exposure and too many people around the area. >.< I'm glad I'm no longer living in one thankfully! XD I like my wildlife and nature too much.  I have too much respect for it :)

its funny! and were not going to be getting any around here, we had a big cold front come in and now we have way too much snow. XD But I agree! Its a really neat sight too see. lol And I definitely will, thats really neat to have a National Breed on a famous film. :) and lol people put them on the llamas so they don't freeze or get too cold, I find it so very funny I sometimes can't help but feel sorry for them because they look very funny with them on. XD and Thats very true about cats, I have one but she's nowhere to be found during the day she abandons me lol she only comes to me when I'm sleeping or by myself or whenever she feels like it. XD but I also can say they get very jealous of dogs because my mothers labrador gets all the love and attention and my cat gets very jealous its kind of funny. lol I am more of a dog person than cat. but I love both animals equally they all have their own pros and cons which makes them unique. :) and really? it definitely must be a tough job having to gather them all up at times. lol I would think that would be very awesome to be around farm animals. :) your very lucky! :)
LaNorthWay Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jeez! That sounds just so cool! :D Yeah, sounds like a real "Bonanza" sort of place X)

What I love most about living away from the towns and cities is, just like you're saying, that I actually can see the stars. I couldn't be without that :) If I'm sleeping in a city - like at a hotel or something - I just feel so captive when I can't see the stary sky above me.

Oh, I don't know. Personally, I think it sounds pretty interesting having coyotes lurking around in your backyard on a daily basis XD But yeah, do check out the breeds :) The Fjord was even featured in "Frozen" ;)

Blankets on llamas? Really? XD I can imagine that must be quite a sight, yes!

Dogs rather than cats ANY DAY. Lol X) Idk, I just feel that cats are way too arrogant. "I'll let you pet me when I WANT IT. And I'll probably gonna scratch you anyway, just for fun" :P But they're cute to look at, though, I'll give them that :)

I think it's very giving to work with horses. They show you so many things about yourself that you didn't even realize. For example my neighbour's Icelandic horse. She's a very nervous type and kinda skeptical to new people, and just all over a very pessimistic lady XD But when I worked with her for the first time I scared the living daylights out of her just by acting the way I was used to acting around my horse, who's a very calm and content old man.
So with her I realized that: "Shit... I'm pretty loud... and pretty exhausting. I need to fix this!" XD So you learn something new every day, kinda :)

Yeah, calves are awesome ^^ Especially when we're letting them out in the field in the summer. They go absolutely berserk! X)
dulcecorazon98 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Student Photographer
XD lol im not joking! XD Corrales is the town/village where all the horses are at and I always see a bunch of people riding their horses to around the shopping area its funny but really neat to see all of the different breeds of horses that pass by. :) where i live at its not uncommon to see horses around lol they even have the Equestrian Crossing signs around town only certain areas are allowed to have people ride their horses. lol even the restaurants have a special spot/ area where you can eat and be with your horse at the same time! XD I live in a small subdivision on the outskirts of town away from the crazy hectic city life. lol where I live at is mostly a ranching town and there are a lot of ranches out here as well as farms and rodeo stadiums lol. Its a western type of place. :)

And thats awesome! I always loved living away from the city its way too noisy and you can't see the stars or wildlife. lol and its awesome that you live in a small farm as well.

I will definitely check out those breeds of horses, you seem to have a ton of really interesting types of animals in your area. I wish we had some more interesting animals around our area. lol :)

And I think llamas are pretty funny and cute animals as well, they're so funny looking when the owners put the coats on them when it gets around winter time. I sometimes think that they want those jackets off of them but it makes them look so funny! XD 

and most people I know aren't so much cat people more like dogs rather than cats lol. XD and thats a pretty awesome job! I wish I could work with horses. :) And I think baby cows are adorable lol there so cute looking and act silly at times. :)
LaNorthWay Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, my gosh! Really? People ride to the store?! :D Where the heck do you live?? XD Well, I live in the middle of the woods on a small farm, several miles from the sivilization, so we hear a lot of animals around our house as well :P :)
And yeah, the Dole is a draft type farming horse and very common here. It's beeing used for all sorts of equine activities today, though :) It's one of our three national horse breeds. The two others are the Norwegian Fjord horse and the Nordlandshest. It's worth checking out :) I think it's a very practical horse, so to speak, because it's so calm and strong. Both physically and psychically :)
Lllamas are really cool! And so cute ^^ Alpaccas were very popular here some years ago, so you see small farms with those weirdoes everywhere ^^

Well, I too like almost all animals I can think of, but I'm not a cat person ^^; But horses (which I work with every day as a barefoot trimmer in training) and dogs are definitally my favorites :) My family are cattle farmers, so naturally I like cows as well. Idk, their just so adorable in their own way X)
dulcecorazon98 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Student Photographer
That's really good that there are people who care about animals and the private pounds treat the animals with the care and respect they deserve. :) and yes it's very sad but true. I do hope one day that will change. Animals give us friendships and family when we need them and I feel like they should be treated as such not neglected. >.< and you're welcome! :) and oh wow! That's a type of horse I never heard of, over where I live there are a ton of people who own ranches and you can even ride your horse into town. It's pretty neat! :) lol I see people go to the grocery store on horseback. XD we also have a few Llama farms as well it's funny seeing them in the presence of horses. :) I have a interest in Llamas they're so silly! And I like Horses, and Wolves, Deer, Moose, Jackrabbits, Kangaroos, Red Pandas,and bats I have a bunch more but these are all I can think of. :) it's funny usually at night we get active packs of coyotes running around the neighborhood and sometimes hear them howling when they have a successful hunt. XD we get jackrabbits, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions, Hawks, porcupines, bats pretty much everything. XD what about you? What other animals are you interested in? :)
LaNorthWay Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, the private ones here are very passionate about animals. They're usually normal people who have taken in stray dogs or cats that have been left on the street by their owners when they no longer were cute puppies or kittens.
That happens way too often, and it's so sad!

Thanks for the support :) I think it's important to preserve the old and traditional breeds (and all species in general) so therefore I've got a black colt of one of our national horse breeds - dølahest :)
It's actually one of the horse breeds you can find on the Red List.

Do you have any interest in other animals besides dogs? :)
dulcecorazon98 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Student Photographer
That's good that you don't have a lot of pounds over there where your at. I don't like how they treat animals with cruelty, it's not right and will never be.
:( But I wonder how the private pounds are, probably not as good as I think. >.<

And lol yes! They're so silly sounding when they howl, you can't help but laugh and love them! XD and they have very pretty patterns and color of fur!
I do hope you can get a Blue Tick Coonhound one day! :) im sure you will! :) and Awww Dunker dogs are very pretty I've only seen one before and they are very pretty! I haven't seen a Halden Støver before. I may look them up! :) and that's so kind of you and thoughtful, it would be very nice of you to help endangered breeds. The world needs more people like you that care for animals! :) and Awww, I don't blame you, it sounds like a exciting event to happen for the new year! :) and it would be really neat to make another Elkhound stamp! :)
LaNorthWay Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know the feeling :( There's not a lot of dog pounds here in Norway, the most of them are private.
I think the coonhounds has such a funny howl XD And the blue coat is so pretty! :) But if I couldn't get one I think I would go for one of our endangered breeds like the Dunker or Halden støver. I think it would be great to help save an endangered breed. You know, try and make a differense :)

Yes, we're all so excited about it! There will probably be lots of pictures of her, so maybe I'll make a new elkhound stamp for the black edition? :)
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